School Crest
The fallen Old Salfordians of the First World War.
The Plaque.

The Memorial Plaque commemorating the Old Salfordians who died in the First World War, 1914-18, was
erected in the Hall of our Leaf Square premises and unveileld by Canon Green on Christmas Eve 1921. When
the School moved to the Claremont, Eccles Old Road, site in 1956 a room was set aside in the new building as
a Memorial Room, and the Plaque was re-erected in it. In 2008 that building was demolished, and the Plaque
was rescued and placed in temporary storage. The School was founded in 1904 as Salford Municipal School for
Boys and for its first ten years shared its premises with the Royal Technical Institute at Peel Park, so this is
where all the boys who died in the war would have studied.The Institute subsequently evolved into the University
of Salford, and in 2008 the University kindly agreed to re-erect our Plaque in the original building, now known as
the Peel Building.

The Men.

Seventy-four Old Salfordians are named on the Plaque. Given that the School was only ten years old when war
broke out, suggests that either a hugh proportion of our Old Boys served, or they suffered unduly high losses. At
the unveiling Cannon Green suggested it was both, and said there could be few schools as young as ours that
had so many of their former pupils serve and so many die in the conflict. It also meant that all these were young,
hardly any had married, and it may well be that between them they left not a single descendant.

The men are identified on the Plaque only by their initials, and in the alphabetical list on the following page we
have added the forenames of those we believe we have identified.

If you think you recognise any of them, please contact:-

Ian Cameron via