Picture Gallery Claremont.
School Crest
c1850 Chaseley Hall
c1952 Claremont House.
c1952 The Site.
c1952 Site Clearance.
1956 The School Hall.
c1953 Foundation Work.
c1954 The Main Entrance
c1954 Steps down from
main entrance
c1954 Hall looking towards
the stage
1954 The Staff Room
c1954 The Gym
c1954 Eccles Old Rd Frontage
c1954 Art & Handicraft Block
c1954 The Dining Room
c1954 "The School Inspectors"
March 2007 The School Gates
March 2007 Foundations of
new Buile Hill High building
March 2007 Buile Hill High
building site (part of)
c1954 The Dronfield Road
c1954 Roof Work
1956 The School Hall.
21st March 1956
The Official Opening
c1956 The School Building
July 2007
The SGS building at Claremont
Oct 2008. Half the school
Oct 2008. Lancaster/Warwick
House Block.

Oct 2008. Main Office and end of
Gloucester/York House Block.
29 Oct 2008.
The Front Entrance.

20th October 2008.
The Remains of Gloucester & York.
c1925 Claremont House